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Custom Built Trailers

Standard trailers are fine if you have standard equipment or needs. But if you have specialized equipment to haul or other unusual requirements, finding a trailer to meet your specific needs can be frustrating and seemingly impossible. Rather than adapting your needs to fit the trailer, why not make the trailer adapt to meet your needs? The Cedar Falls custom welding experts at Stokes Welding can design the perfect custom built trailer to meet your exact needs and specifications. Stokes Welding has been providing custom welding services since 1945 and has the custom welding expertise and experience to build a durable custom trailer that will last for years.

Stokes Welding’s custom designed trailers include flatbed trailers, tilt bed trailers, and dump trailers. Our custom built trailers are perfect for hauling farm equipment or other large equipment, hauling four wheelers, or as cargo trailers or utility trailers.

The first step in designing the perfect custom built trailer is to meet with one of Stokes Welding’s custom welding experts. After we’ve determined your specific needs, we’ll present a design for your custom trailer and show you how it will work. During construction of your custom designed trailer, you are welcome to stop by periodically to check out the progress and request any necessary changes.

If you already have a trailer but need modifications, Stokes Welding can help with that as well. We also install trailer hitches. If you’re in the market for a custom built trailer, come in and see what Stokes Welding can do for you.

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